About Jade

She’s the story of a young South African that wrote the country’s first erotic novel, traveled over oceans to educate herself on the allures, benefits and health that sexual liberation brings to womanhood. She now passes on this knowledge on promoting safe, liberating and empowering sexual activity to deter the stigma and prejudice behind discussions pertaining to sexual activity and all that comes with it.

Her aim is to ensure women are sexually liberated and empowered to satisfy their desires and create a better understanding of sex in the modern day world. This she does by giving lectures, life coaching sessions and private sessions.

She currently has a column in the national Sunday paper, City Press and hosts a show on online radio station Touch HD Online.

“My desire is to spark the necessary conversation between parents and children. Knowledge is power. Educating the continent’s children will empower them to make better decisions for themselves, we cannot leave the responsibility of this task to media alone.

We can no longer, as a continent, afford to turn a blind eye to the consequences of sex based on poor decision making.

Sadly, education is lacking in the context of development and social skills as well as sex education for safe sex and planned parenthood.”

– Jade Zwane –