• Lectures are given on various subjects including taking responsibility for your orgasm, sexual liberation, self-love to mention a few. Lectures are done upon invitation.


  • Sex toy demonstration, blow job demonstration and brief talk on empowered female sex. Done upon invitation.

Life Coaching

  • Initial exploratory session
  • Discussing your goals and determining how many sessions you will need to complete the process¬†Clearing Phase
  • You are taught how to transmute fear into power. It is not about transcending fear but learning how to get into a direct relationship with it and use it so that it becomes your source of power.
  • You are given the tools you need to move through life present, clear and powerful.


Private Sessions

  • Private sessions are for women on a one to one basis. The session can run anywhere between 1-3hours.
  • You are taught how to reach a full body or blended orgasm.